Hand-stitching. Fair wages. Happy artisans. Makes for colourful CAYA products.


I love the series of jackets by Caya. They are light and easily wearable and have a range of beautiful colours. I like the simplicity of the stitches and yet the richness of the fabric. 

Sayambrita Mukherjee

CAYA has been my go-to place ever since I got introduced to their collection, not just for myself but for picking gifts too.. I am particularly a fan of their waistcoats & jackets as they make a very interesting pairing with western wear for the perfect fusion look.

Avani Mehrotra Bhanchawat

Tired of the same outfits or looking to jazz up the same old stuff? CAYA is here. With her pure silk reversible jackets and shawls you can add zing to your old outfits. They are soft, comfortable, stylish, very reasonably priced and makes for a great gift.

Suchandra Guha

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